Beryl Davis

The Challenge
Beryl Davis is possibly the best personal protective equipment (PPE) manufacturer currently operating in Israel. They had wonderful products, but were in need of a new direction. They were hoping to expand to overseas markets, but lacked the right tools to succeed.
Together, we drafted a strategic plan that took into account Beryl Davis’ international goals, including new collaborations with overseas distributors, and their incredible skill and experience in the PPE market. Next, we rebranded the company and gave it a new brand persona more suitable for international markets. After matching the new elegant design with a catchy slogan and new texts that reflected the new Beryl Davis vision, the company was able to proudly present at the largest expo of its kind in Germany.

The Beryl Davis makeover included a complete rebranding following a British-rose motif which conveys elegance, precision, professionalism and tailor-made service. We produced a new bilingual website with online store, new catalogues, company presentations and brochures.


The solution
The combined skills of RGB produced a stronger company; Beryl Davis is now a leading provider and distributor of PPE worldwide. Among their achievements following the RGB treatment:

- Entering the oil and gas infrastructure market with Fire Retardant clothing

- Collaboration with a patent holding world leader in cooling fabrics

- Recruiting a new distributor in the US, expanded sales

- Entering the special ops and elite forces markets

- Developing new clothing lines for various markets