Foresight Prudence

The Challenge
Foresight Prudence is an innovative risk management and intelligence solutions company. They have been in the market for over a year, and the time has come to drive up sales. They approached us with three distinct solutions which were not standing out enough on their own. Their second challenge was organizing their work process.


The solution
The first step in the Foresight Prudence project was to spread the word, fast. We decided to focus on one solution and push it in an expo, a course of action previously not taken by the company. After finding a suitable expo, we set to work refining the messages, look and overall approach of their risk management solution through strategic rethinking and re-prioritization, branding and content.

On a broader scale, we began a full strategy-rethink process. Who are the target markets? What are their specific needs? For a company that sells risk management solutions, they had to stand out among the competition. Together with the management team of Foresight Prudence we initiated a thorough market research, reviewing every competitor worldwide. This allowed us to recognize untapped markets and 'enlarge the pie'. As for the work process within the company, we instigated an easy to follow business plan that cleared a lot of the confusion within the company and enabled them to cooperate more efficiently, following tasks and setting deadlines.

The design challenge was a big one – we had to keep the color scheme authoritative and serious, but wanted to make them stand out from the rest. In a sea of bluish-greys, Foresight now stands tall, sporting camouflage-inspired hues of navy-blues, desert-yellows and dark forest-greens. They are now easily distinguished from their competition while still maintaining the spirit and essence of their brand identity.

The combined skills of RGB led Foresight Prudence to new heights. They began participating in local and international conventions and expos, are negotiating several large-scale contracts and are launching their unique personal safety app. Foresight Prudence have gained confidence and clarity and formed a powerful brand, and is working with RGB to continue shaping their brand and future success.