The Challenge

Marsys Solutions is a brand-new boutique company and the brainchild of two Israeli Air Force veterans, offering years of expertise in maintenance engineering and specializing in Mid-life Upgrade for electronic systems and maintenance efficiency.

From the get-go, it was clear that simply developing a graphic language for the fledgling company doesn’t really cut it. As part of the RGB method of working hand-in-hand and in full transparency with our clients, we set out to provide them with a full and holistic solution.
The first order of business was to help Marsys Solutions gain the strategic, tactical and financial know-how of a newcomer to the business arena. Only then did we turn out attention to creating a brand book with a color scheme, logo and graphic language that capture the essence of this new enterprise.


The Solution

We started a long process of brainstorming, asking tough questions like why build the company? What need is it going to address and how? Our team accompanied the clients every step of the way – guiding them to do the market research, to explore market penetration strategies, to study the competition, to analyze business models, to learn negotiation tactics and more. You could say we helped Marsys Solutions build a go-to strategy and working plan specifically tailored to its size and needs.

This process of outlining the company’s mission, vision and values went a long way in helping us with our second challenge, of creating the company brand from scratch. The M-shaped logo we designed resembles an origami plane and symbolizes creativity and flight, innovation and precision, with a tagline that speaks volumes about the company’s edge… Maintain it. Everything we have designed for Marsys Solutions – from their stationary to their website – conveys a sense of a young, fresh, innovative and client-driven company, with a unique matrix of solutions.

We could not have done it without full cooperation from the company founders, who were attentive, focused and open to the whole process, and we are confident the tools we have provided them will help the company soar to new heights, because the sky is the limit.