Small Businesses

The Challenge

Working with small businesses is no small feat. You have to aim for the major league, and then the sky is the limit. Working with small businesses – whether a coach or naturopath – our main challenge is to help them think big and differentiate themselves, within the constraints of a rather modest marketing budget.

First and foremost, we conduct a highly focused market research, and check out the competition. Next, we have to define the client's inherent mission and values, come up with a brand name and tagline, develop an up-to-date graphic language that is in synch with everything across the board – including logo design, stationery, color scheme and graphic elements.


The Solution
A case in point is the brand book we have created for Yamit Levi, a naturopath. This small business revolves around her fields of expertise – a clinic, her teaching and health-conscious cooking classes –with emphasis on fresh, healthy and refined. The green-red-and-yellow color scheme we chose for her – symbolizing the colors of fruit and vegetables -and the delicate pattern of fruit and veggies used as background convey a coherent message.


Another example is that of Nava Shmuel, a coach whose mission is to help women running small businesses to increase their revenues, enhance their quality of life and find that most elusive work-life balance. Her brand is based on the synergy between femininity and Jewish spirituality, so we designed a special logo for her – a Star of David turning into a butterfly – with a color scheme hinting at business acumen, growth and prosperity, all key components of her coaching methods.   


Through this process, RGB is proud to have heightened awareness of each our clients' brands, differentiating them from their competitors and helping them get a foot in the door and break into new markets and niches, as well as creating an annual work plan for marketing, publicity and sales. This is what we love to do, and what we do best.