The Challenge

TimberArt is a post-and-beam construction company specializing in the age-old timber-framing method of construction, using fitted timber with joints secured by large wooden pegs. The company fuses a traditional love of wood and an in-vogue notion of sustainability with a wholesome and innovative view of construction. Our job at RGB was to ensure that these values are reflected in the company name and tagline.


While timber-framing is very popular around the world and has been around for centuries, it has yet to be discovered by the Israeli market, and here lay our biggest challenge. Our marketing plan had to facilitate the launch of the company in the Israeli market and create a unique graphic language befitting the new brand, while taking into account both the need to educate the market to the many benefits of timber-framing, and the fact that TimberArt is a young company of limited marketing means.

The Solution

We began by conducting comprehensive market research, studying key players in Israel and around the world, focusing on both competitors and potential partners in the local market and exploring possible target audiences. We mapped out a first-year marketing plan that will help the company’s launch, create new collaborations and increase the company’s customer base.


The next step was defining its mission, vision and values, which paved the way to finding the perfect brand name – TimberArt. The tagline we chose elaborates on the brand name and captures the essence of the company.


The third step was designing the brand’s graphic language:

A color scheme based on green hues and a wooden texture, to further highlight the environmental and sustainable nature of timber-framing. The logo inspired by Japanese Kanji, with the house character representing success and prosperity, while at the same time hinting the company’s trade and being both fresh and easily recognizable. All other visuals, were joined together in a brand book that harmoniously anchors all elements of its graphic language.


Working together hand in hand with this new and innovative company, RGB is proud to say that TimberArt is now on its way, equipped with a first-year marketing plan, fresh graphic materials and a brand book that will help the company implement its plans and vision.