The Challenge
WIZE specializes in creating personalized, custom management systems and internet solutions for businesses. Their client-first approach gives them a great advantage in a competitive field. Their services include management systems, content management, website hosting and design, promotions and SEO.
While the premise was great and the results did indeed speak for themselves, WIZE needed the RGB touch in order to take a leap forward. It was a good business that needed a push to become a major-league player.

The Solution
Our first order of business was to find a name for the company, who up to that point was going by the name of the company’s founder.  Our goal was to turn them into a brand by giving them an easily recognizable name. We wanted it to be catchy, current, and memorable. Thus, ‘WIZE’ was born.


Along with the name came the new logo, the orange owl. What better imagery to go with the new name? The owl represents everything this company is about – knowledge and wisdom, the skill to recognize a problem and find the perfect solution for it.


Fitted with a new look, we set out to reorganize the site. WIZE needed simple texts that brought out the elegance of their solutions – complex on the inside, but simple to use and understand. This process held true for all aspects of the business. WIZE required a brief process of strategic planning. They were gradually expanding to overseas markets, which necessitated a new approach to client acquisition and retention.


The RGB process helped WIZE redefine their priorities and approach new markets in a smart and planned out approach. WIZE is now adding more complimentary services, including a responsive desktop-to-mobile conversion service. Additionally, WIZE is recruiting and training sales personnel to promote WIZE worldwide. They are steadily gaining more attention thanks to a higher market positioning and a better understanding of their services – inside the company and outside.